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When you or a loved one experience a serious injury, so as facing financial difficulties or family divorce, everything can change – we know that at the Law Office of Nguyen H. Nguyen.  At time, a complex business contract need to be made, or disputes/problems must be resolved through negotiation or litigation – we handle all that at the Law Office of Nguyen H. Nguyen.  Yet, you will also need a plan for your after-death, through a will or trust, so that your hard-earned assets can be given as you wish – we design that at the Law Office of Nguyen H. Nguyen.  Instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried in trying to achieve all those legal needs, you can stay focus on living your best life, by simply allowing our Office to be on your behalf to lift those burdens off your chest.  The philosophy of the Law Office of Nguyen H. Nguyen is to provide its clients with the personalized attention they seek and obtain the best possible resolution of their legal issues.  We believe the key to success is to focus on our clients. 

 Our commitment to our mission is reflected in our success at obtaining referrals from clients that we have helped in the past.  The majority of our business comes from former clients, who are happy with the result we produce and comes back for other legal needs, or from friends and families referred by former clients.  We take great pride in that distinction.  This Office is known for its well-balanced combination of aggressive, competent negotiators and litigators, and experienced transactional attorney.  We believe that an ethical, creative, thoughtful and tactful approach for each of our clients helps them meet their business, financial, and personal goals. 

Mr. Nguyen is responsible not only for the litigation aspects of the case, but also the day to day management of every single case.  His primary goal, and that of this Office, is to work closely with all of his clients on their cases from inception through settlement or trial.

Mr. Nguyen found himself drawn into the law field directly out of high school in Vietnam.  After immigrated to the United States of America, he obtained a B.S. degree at California State University of Fullerton and worked as an Engineer in a defense corporation for 13 years.  He then pursued a law degree from Western State University, College of Law, graduating in highly competitive degree.  After excel practicing laws for ten years with The Judge Lawfirm, a reputable and well known law office in Irvine, California, Mr. Nguyen desires to make his services in the Vietnamese community for more than a decade now.